Deformed the Useless is Blessed

There was a man called Deformed the Useless, his chin hid in his navels, shoulders hunched above his head; pigtail in a bun pointing towards the sky, all five organs piled on the back and two thighs pressed the ribs.

He managed to feed himself with sewing and doing laundry for others, he winnowed rice and sifted chaff as well; the income could support ten people.

When the government needed warriors, he walked freely without worries of being drafted; when they needed hard laborers, he was exempted due to his chronic conditions. He got three big measures and ten bundles of wood when they handed out grains to the sick and handicapped.

If those defect in form can feed themselves and live out their years, what more should those defect in integrity do?

(from Chapter 4, “Human World”, Book of Chuang Tzu)

Blessings and Curses

Is being deformed and useless a blessing or a curse? Christopher Reeve, known for his superman role in movies, would not be such a great man if he were not paralyzed to the extent of being completely useless in terms of caring for his own daily living, he became such a great inspiration for generations to come because he made great use of his physical defect and useless state promoting research and welfare for the paralyzed.

This is the law of opposites or polarity in Lao Tzus terms. If you dont expand your thinking at a higher level, being useless will remain a curse while Use of No Use is boundless when transcended beyond mans convention.

DeForm or deEmphasize physical form, concentrate on spiritual aspects that are truly important. Never will any defect make anyone useless, Nature has its way on taking care of all existence.

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