French Father and Center for the Mentally Challenged

Father Yves Moal came to Taiwan at 25 as a young Catholic father from Marseilles, France. He has been caring for the mentally and physically challenged for more than five decades providing training and livelihood on making baguettes, buns, brooms, mops, bags, woodwork at the Anders Center as well as recycling books, clothes and other items to sell in a second hand bookstore in E.Taiwan. See photos showing his church, library and senior center, recycling center and bookstore, Anders center (new and old site) , baking kitchen and Father Moal with his kids at the center.Direct donation to Anders is available through Taiwan’s Post Office (in Chinese only) or contact Father (English or French) at his Facebook.(Apologize for not providing all materials in English. Will  convert them into English when technical competence acquired).

Father Moal at church service  Yuli Catholic Church library and senior center at the church Father's Second Hand Bookstore by the street Father at his recyling center    Anders Center Anders Center (old site) Anders residents making baguettes  Father and his kids

View Father’s Anders Home plan in the recent news clip reporting him winning the President’s Humanitarian Award, the building plan and land of the nursing home project (start at 0.35′) . Close to 0.5 hectare (1500 pings) of land and around 25% of target fund of about USD2.5 million (NTD 80 million) is already raised. Father Moal hopes to move the residents in at the end of next year.

As of 2015年10月28日 04:10 reported by China Times, a company has agreed to donate NTD80 million to the nursing home project. And Father Moal also won the Loving Heart Award of NTD 1 million from another NGO. (updated by City Hermit )

Also a a TV documentary shot a few years ago about his works and life in East Taiwan.

How City Hermit plan to help in Anders Home project:

  • Donations through sales of ebooks “Free Easy Mind” and “Millennium Charm” (minus costs, bank fees and tax) to help operate a nursing home for the aging handicapped.
  • Find Fortune Cookies manufacturers or retailers to launch multilingual peace cookies (peace messages from various cultures and religions in fortune cookies). It is hoped that those who participate would donate 5-10% of their profits direct to Anders Home project (the nursing home for the aging handicapped).
    Visit City Hermit Peace Character Page on Facebook featuring Freeasy Peace Pictograms and Freeasy Peace Characters (people past and present) and Freeasy Peace Think (starting with Zen Tao quotes on free easy mind in conflicts) on Twitter.
  • Work out related Chinese calligraphy or cultural products to sell at Amazon. (City Hermit is conducting a free calligraphy contest till Dec.31,2015 as a first step to test the potential of calligraphy by the aging mentally challenged as supplementary income for operating the nursing home)

Why Anders Home?

Father Moal is a living example of no opposition in opposing religions and cultures or use of no use.Some of the potential residents he has been fathering since they were infants and many are from indigenous tribal families, don’t we all want to help fulfill his wish to go through the seasons of life with his precious kids?

Even though there are so many causes we want to support, like our hearts cry for the migrants in Europe, the solution is political and beyond our capacity. But you and I can make a difference by chipping in our modest capacity to help make Anders Home a reality soon.

Please help to support Father Moal’s work.Thank you.

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