Reflect on Conflicts with Water Cycle

Lie down on a stretch of grass and gaze at the sky. (If not possible just lie down on the floor or bed and imagine. See the floating clouds.

Blue Sky Reflection


Imagine a few small rain drops falling from the cloud to a stream and flows to the valley, merging with rivers to the vast infinite ocean.Everything is one in the universe.

water cycle

“All Things and I are One.” Chuang Tzu.

Hold a small ice cube in your hand. It melts and then watch it evaporates . Solid,liquid and gas are different forms of water. Conflicts may be different views on the same thing in the universe.

Ice Cube

Drink a glass of water.Imagine the water passing through the membrane of each cell, moisturizing it. Water becomes part of our body. It is “me”. We are 60-80% water. And then it is eliminated from our body as urine, dirty and smelly.

Clean and Dirty, right and wrong, good and evil, likes and dislikes are One.

“All things evolve in one.” Chuang Tzu.