ZEN TAO in Water

“Man does not reflect in flowing water but reflects in Still Water.” Chuang Tzu.

Water Reflection of crane.gif Still Water and Crane

More Photos  ” Superb good is like water” Lao Tzu.

Water is very important in Taoist teachings and a key element in pictograms of many Zen keywords. Zen and Tao are about going with the flow, fluid to any circumstances without fixed views or attachment, living with few or less, reducing the self or ego to very small or nothingness.

Pictogram of water, few and small

The pictogram of “water” is depicted by a stream drawn with a line in the middle and wavy strokes to represent the ripples.The pictogram of “few” is the water pictogram reduced to four wavy strokes to depict a few raindrops while “small” is depicted by three wavy strokes or drawing of three rain drops.