From One to Eternity

One Ten Thousand.png

A horizontal stroke is the Chinese character “ONE”. It lies on the earth, the female symbol or Yin. When turned vertical, it is a man or masculine Yang. In ancient times, people tie a knot to represent ten and then the knot was flattened into a horizontal stroke to become the character “TEN”. Yin and yang together is perfect. There is a Chinese term “Ten Perfect, Ten Beautiful” meaning impeccable.

The pictogram of “Thousand” is an old man with very bent back to represent a hundred-year-old man on top of “Ten”. Thus ten centenarians would be a thousand.

One is the root for impeccable state and it evolves to thousands and then ten thousands to infinite numbers meaning all.

“All Things and I are One”
Chuang Tzu

Thousand Ancient

A horizontal and vertical “One” in Chinese character make “Ten”. A thousand is a centenarian over ten and the pictogram “ANCIENT” is made up of “ten” and “mouth” depicting stories passing through ten mouths or generations would be considered as ancient.

Su Shih is probably the best loved poet in the Chinese world past or present. His life stories are passed down through a thousand years and more than ten mouths. His poem of “ancient memories of Red Cliff” has a line lamenting how characters of millennium charm or “thousand years in ancient time of delightful wind and flowing stream”. In Chinese, “wind” and “stream” or “flow” are often used to describe men who can charm women into having affairs with them.Su Shih himself is also referred to as millennium charm