High Heeled Glass Church & Footless

A local official in South Taiwan claimed the high heeled glass church was built to commemorate a 24-year-old girl suffered from Blackfoot disease. Both of her legs had to be amputated, leading to the cancellation of her wedding. She remained unmarried and spent the rest of her life at a church. More from BBC.
Discrimination of Confucius
   There was a man called Toeless. He went to see Confucius.
     “You were not cautious and were plagued by mishap to get to your current state. Now that you are here, it’s too lat.” said Confucius.
     Toeless defended himself, “I did not know how things work and recklessly used myself, so I lost my foot. Now that I am here, there is still something more precious than the foot; I must make sure it is left intact. There is nothing that the sky would not cover nor would the earth not hold. I thought the teacher is like the sky and earth, how would I know that you are like this!”
      Confucius said, “It’s my fault. Why don’t you come in? Please talk more so I can listen.”
       Toeless left.
       Confucius said to his disciples, “Encourage yourself with this. The one-foot man still strive to learn to make up for his wrong doings, what more should the man do with integrity intact!”




Masters’ Dialogs

Glamorous Natural Burial

When Chuang Tzu was at his deathbed, his disciples wanted an expensive funeral for him.

Chuang Tzu said, “I shall have heaven and earth for coffin, sun and moon as dual ornaments, stars as jewels and everything at burial. Are my burial gifts not adequate? What more can you add?”

The disciples said, “We fear crows and hawks will devour you.”

Chuang Tzu said, “Above ground, I shall be eaten by birds; below by ants and worms. Either way I shall be eaten. Why are you partial?”

(From Chapter 32 “Imperial Robbers”, Book of Chuang Tzu, written by the followers of Chuang Tzu. It really reflects Chuang Tzu’s teachings on funerals.)