May you all have a Free Easy Mind!

Free Easy Mind is a book site and not a blog  on the teachings of Chuang Tzu, Tao, Zen, Spirituality and Chinese characters. Freeasypeace  is the blog to apply his teachings in world conflicts, stress and loss.

Due to my inadequate knowledge of blogging and social media or there is very limited interest in Chuang Tzu, the time and efforts I spent on sharing in writing what I learnt from Chuang Tzu have not been very effective in achieving my goals for promoting peace for others and doing good.

It is time for me to move on, in different directions and endeavors on peace and doing good instead of blogging for the time being or until I have acquired more competence  and find a new purpose in blogging and posting in social media.For more explanation please read the last post on Freeasy Peace Blog.Let me invite you to explore other pages and posts on the book site or buy the Free Easy Mind ebook at Amazon as donations to the French father’s Nursing Home for the Mentally Challenged in Eastern Taiwan.

Thank you all for your visits, likes and follows as well as the learning from your blogs that I follow and will continue to read as time permits.May you all have a free easy mind despite chaos in the world and leave a legacy of millennium charm in your world!