Easy Decisions

Easy Decisions with Mirror Questions and Freeasy Checks

We have to make decisions and face dilemmas all the time, they can be difficult sometimes. The mirror questions I compiled with freeasy checks adapted from Chuang Tzu’s key teachings have made difficult decisions a lot easier for me in the past few years. Try the following mirror question and the five freeasy checks in any decisions you are facing, just to get a feel.

Marble Mirror Reflection

Mirror Question:

What is the Nature of What is Happening?

Freeasy Checks:


Following and going along with the nature of things are the sure way to peace and ease according to Chuang Tzu.

When we fight against the nature of things, we are trapped in problems and sufferings. We tend to forget our own true nature, human nature and the nature of how things work in the world because we are too focused on getting what we want instead of seeing what reality is.

  • Spend time alone and reflect on your true nature
    or silently listen to your inner voice;
    or try the mirror question when you first wake up in the morning.
  • Listen and observe the people concerned when you are around them.
  • Feel out the circumstances right where things are happening.
    By seeing what is reflected in the process, you will have clarity.
  • Stroll in Nature and let trees and animals reflect how Nature works,
     would surface naturally.

The mirror question leads you back to the reality of what is and dispel the maze of delusions in your ego mind.

Whatever gives peace and ease is the nature of things; therefore it is the best check on whatever you are dealing with.