Mind as Mirror

The perfect mind is one that has absolute clarity;
it reflects whatever is immediately in front of it
just as it is.
The mirror is void,
bright as moon and still as water.
Mind as mirror is the highest state
of spiritual perfection.
As thoughts come and go,
Show what is there at the moment
and let go as it disappears.
Change is the ultimate reality
and the mind must mirror change.
All sufferings and problems arise
from our seeing what is not there
because we are holding onto what existed in the past
that projects into the present
or what is anticipated in the future
that is not yet here.

Bubble Reflection

Empty Mirror Visualization

Imagine your mind as an empty mirror.
Illuminating as sun and moon,
bright and clear.
Reflecting what is immediately in front of it,
without hiding;
welcoming all,
rejecting none.