Parable of Seven

The Chinese character of “Seven” is like “Ten” except the lower half of the vertical stroke is bent. The pictogram “Seven” is an imperfect ten with the vertical stroke crooked at the bottom.

Seven and Ten

The parable of “Seven” Openings of Chuang Tzu

Change, Drama and Obscure were the names of emperors of the South Sea, North Sea and Center Terrain respectively. Change and Drama met at the land of Obscure who treated them very well. They wanted to repay his kindness and said to each other, “Man has seven openings to see, hear, drink, eat and breathe, but he does not. Let us try to bore out the openings for him.” They bored one opening each day, Obscure died on the seventh day.

“The true man uses not man’s mind to harm the Way, nor man’s way to help the Universe.” Chuang Tzu.