Why Meditate?

“Mind Leveled, Why Meditate?
Actions upright, why keep precepts?”
(Huineng, Sixth Patriarch of Zen)

See character and pictogram of mind and heart. In Chinese, mind and heart are the same character. The second character of “leveled”, “equal” or “balanced” is actually made up of the character of “war”. The pictogram is a weapon, When the pointed ends of the weapon are inverted, it becomes a flat table where people can sit and communicate as equals with balanced minds. It is then the pictogram of leveled, equal or balanced.

Mind Levled
The character of “walk” can mean “conduct”, “actions” or “behavior”. The pictogram has a foot or leg on the right and left depicting walk.

Action Upright

The character or pictogram of “straight” is made up of an eye and a cross of a vertical and horizontal stroke to represent the eye assesses if the lines are straight or not, The curve below represent lines.

When one walks a straight path, his conduct, actions or behavior would be upright.

In Chuang Tzu‘s terms, a balanced mind is one of “Dual Path” that is “not engaged in being right but dwell in the common“. “Sit and Forget” so there is “No Self,No Merit, No Name” and “No Self-Interest“. “Fast the Mind” so it is “Clear as Morning” or “Void“. Being in the common or on dual path is to “harmonize right and wrong” in “One“. When you are “Void” and “One“, you can have “Peace amidst Chaos“.

“Integrity” in Taoist philosophy literally is depicted by its pictogram which  has the radical of “Walk” (the drawing of the left foot) and “Straight” depicted by its pictogram (except with the drawing of the eye turned ninty degrees so it’s on its side in the modern character ) above the “Heart”pictogram or drawing of a heart.

Walk Integrity.png

If you can void your mind of right and wrong so it is one with all and walk straight from the heart, you have a free easy mind. Why meditate or keep precepts?


High Heeled Glass Church & Footless

A local official in South Taiwan claimed the high heeled glass church was built to commemorate a 24-year-old girl suffered from Blackfoot disease. Both of her legs had to be amputated, leading to the cancellation of her wedding. She remained unmarried and spent the rest of her life at a church. More from BBC.
Discrimination of Confucius
   There was a man called Toeless. He went to see Confucius.
     “You were not cautious and were plagued by mishap to get to your current state. Now that you are here, it’s too lat.” said Confucius.
     Toeless defended himself, “I did not know how things work and recklessly used myself, so I lost my foot. Now that I am here, there is still something more precious than the foot; I must make sure it is left intact. There is nothing that the sky would not cover nor would the earth not hold. I thought the teacher is like the sky and earth, how would I know that you are like this!”
      Confucius said, “It’s my fault. Why don’t you come in? Please talk more so I can listen.”
       Toeless left.
       Confucius said to his disciples, “Encourage yourself with this. The one-foot man still strive to learn to make up for his wrong doings, what more should the man do with integrity intact!”





True to Oneself

When the sage uses his troops,
even though he may overthrow nations,
he never loses the heart of people.
His generosity enriches eons generations
but not for people’s love,
thus he who delights in
acceptance by everyone and everything
is not a sage.
Playing favoritism is not benevolent.
Timing action is not noble.
Not encompassing both gain and loss as one
is not a gentleman.
Losing oneself for name is not scholarly
and not true to himself,
he cannot rule over others.
Many renowned people in history
were enslaved rulers,
they suited themselves to what suited others,
and not what really suited themselves.

(from Chapter 6, “Great Master”, Book of Chuang Tzu)

What Chuang Tzus writings say about the enslaved rulers in history is still very true even now, both in East and West. They suit themselves to what suit others, and not really what suit themselves. It is difficult in modern age of democracy and Internet when political leaders must depend on votes of people and there is so much buzz on social media, how can people know the real truth and right from wrong?