Sitting Meditation Zen


“Meditation: see the unmoving innate nature inwardly.” Huineng, Sixth Patriarch of Zen.

“The sage lets NATURE enlighten him and follow what is.” Chuang Tzu.
(Nature includes innate nature of living and nonliving things, self and others, people and circumstances or the nature of what is.)

“One who cultivates the unmoving state does not notice whether other people are right or wrong, good or bad, or whether they have other faults. It is UNMOVING in the INNATE NATURE.”Sixth Patriarch of Zen.”The mind’s thoughts do not arise with respect to any good or evil external state. That is what ‘sitting’ is.”

Meditation and Nature
“The Way is awakened from the mind. How could it be found in sitting?”
Huineng, Sixth Patriarch of Zen.

Sengai Frog

One with Environment Meditation: Sitting

In meditation, the sitting posture is like a mountain, with the pointed head at the top and our knees folded like the bottom of the mountain. The purpose is to merge the spirit, body and mind in one or in our innate nature. In Chuang Tzu’s terms it’s letting the energy flow in Nature’s cycle of polarities or merging heaven, man and earth as “all things and I are one” depicted by the vertical and horizontal strokes of “One”.

Drawing of three mountains became the pictogram of “Mountain” with the mountains on left and right reduced to vertical strokes. When the strokes shorten, we have the Chinese character of “Mountain’.

Mountain Pictogram.png

The drawing of mountains can be simplified into a triangle depicting heaven,earth and man in ONE or body, mind and spirit in modern terms. This is the triangle in Sengai’s Universe, the well known Zen painting.Sengai Universe