Self is One’s True Nature

“If you serve your own mind,
joy and sorrow cannot do anything to you”
Chuang Tzu

“Those who lost themselves
are not true to themselves,

they cannot rule over others.
Many renowned people in history
actually enslaved rulers,
they suited themselves to
what suited others,

and not what really suited themselves.”
( from Chapter 6 “ The Great Master”, Book of Chuang Tzu)

White Rose.jpg Wang Shu
To Self
The mind is universe’s promised land.
Self- esteem has to be cultivated with one’s efforts.
Confidence is based on protecting one’s true self.
Self-fulfillment stems from one’s roots.
Strive not to fight after fame or wealth.
Anchor self and not be deluded  by worldly cravings.
Self-reliance and self-delight make one at ease.
The mind is universe’s promised land,
my appearance is in my own hands,
poetic thoughts spread over canvas  colors,
where self knowledge and one’s nature are.

Mountains and Waters, BoatsWang Shu
Self Guide
Create a beautiful soul
with art poetry.
Cherish lone years
and free space.
Treasure even more,
rambling in precious land of art
I own in my heart.

Mountain landscapeWang Shu
Ease the Nature
The mind is a superb vast desert and rich wilderness.
The mind bestows colors
with natural delight and gentle spirit.
Suit the self in accord with time and matter.
Take dimension to flow with one’s nature,
capture image based on mood.
Meditation calms, soothing me.
Wonders and scenes cannot be interpreted with talks,
High, for spiritual clarity,
understand in silence.
Discipline the self
but definitely not following the crowd,
or monistic views;
it’s letting the mind express freely;
a superb vast desert and rich wilderness.

Sunset.jpgWang Shu
Don’t abide by other’s laws.
Delight, charm and setting
develop from one’s own life.
Convention is out of the realm of teachings,
dimensions, free and easy in great beauty .

LotusWang Shu
Gradual Awakening
Profound truth has no address,
gradual awakening, no monastic door for emptiness.
Wonder heart is aloof
from human tactics,
nature hides itself
yet respect the self.

Wang Shu
(national artist of Austria, also taught Chinese philosophy in Germany)
Wang Shu is a dear friend who inspired me to embark on the long journey to study Taoist philosophy of Lao Tzu and then Chuang Tzu. Hope his art and poetry translated in English from Chinese will facilitate your appreciation for Chuang Tzu’s teachings.All his poems are in Chinese, some in German.