Excellence with no sweat

Carefree in the mind and spirit is Chuang Tzu’s brand identity. Have no concerns whatsoever and let things happen spontaneously in a state of peace. The abstract concept of “Action of No Action” of Lao Tzu is better conveyed as effortless actions when we are conserving energy in the autotelic state so there is least resistance like Chuang Tzu’s description of moving the butcher’s knife through the space in the joints instead of meeting obstacles head on cutting through hard bones.


Go Along with Natural Flow

In dealing with people and circumstances, we go along with people’s innate nature or the nature of things. For practical purpose it is much easier to go with the downward flow than to swim upstream, yet it is not in suppressing ourselves to go along in order to get along with contrivance. Rather we work through our mind and make mindful choices out of understanding and not suppression.

When faced with loss in life such as death or separation, physical disabilities or financial loss, work dislocation or career change, we go with the flow of destiny by resting in the moment, staying in the natural flow of energy and making peace with destiny doing our best with what is available and possible.