“Put all things in order
but not with benevolence;
nurture all generations
but not with obligation;
live in the ancient times
but never too antiquated;
sculptor all things in the world
under the sky
and hold up above the earth,

but not with craft.
This is rambling freely.”

(from Chapter 6 “The Great  Master”, Book of Chuang Tzu)
Freedom Wang Shu
I am free because I own myself,
I can own myself in freedom.
Freedom must comply with nature
and know what can exist.
To be able to wander,
one must first own oneself .
Wander in and out of art,
have my hands and feet experience freely to enlighten.
Enlightened in any posture for ease.

Trees, Mountains, Clouds Wang Shu
Wander in Color Poetry
How much in life is inevitable ,
what is the matter now?
There is nothing right now
like immersed love
in flowers at dawn
and dim moonlight.
Consign interest in nature,
the poetic heart wanders in dreams,
the soul mates with clouds.
Regardless of seasons come and go,
recite carefree
in and out of art.

Pink Flowers.jpg Wang Shu
Delightful Thoughts
Life is but a dream,
how can it be the way I want!
I can only learn to let it be
and strive to be willing to let go.
Appreciation is to entertain with rambling,
joy is to befriend with birds
and smell the flowers everyday.
It pleases me when the soul
drinks with like minds.
Self fulfillment is attained
amidst the company of bamboos.
Fantasize in the radiant beauty of clouds
Delight eyes with amazing lights and colors,
So dwell in a small garden
and write about thoughts,
how poetic!

Stream amidst autumn trees.jpg Wang Shu
Embrace Colors in Delight
Ramble in art puts my heart at ease,
delight in the great sound of nature.
Compose a new tune for worldly bondage,
tread alone on wild path,
footprints vanish like rainbow.

snow Wang Shu
Wander in poetry art
to nurture the soul.
Great beauty is fresh, cold,
true to oneself.
A breeze embraces me,
ride along its delight.
Joy and pain, free and easy,
in the deluded body.

Wang Shu
(national artist of Austria, also taught Chinese philosophy in Germany)
Wang Shu is a dear friend who inspired me to embark on the long journey to study Taoist philosophy of Lao Tzu and then Chuang Tzu. Hope his art and poetry facilitate your appreciation for Chuang Tzu’s teachings.All his poems are in Chinese, some in German.